Dirt Track Racing

My passion is watching dirt track racing. My two favorite tracks are Eldora Speedway, and Florence Speedway. I normally go to tracks with my dad and we camp out in an enclosed trailer on race days/nights.The reason I love Eldora is because its world famous and a lot of big famous racers go to race. I love Florence speedway because its small and your allowed to go up the second fence line to watch the race and because you get caked with mud.I love watching this because the thrill of who is gonna win or lose.The last time I went to a race was at Eldora speedway and I thought  Darrel Lanigan was gonna win but it turns out Jonathan Davenport won  I was wrong and surprised.Eldora SpeedwayCreative Commons License Jeff Young via Compfight

Another reason I love watching this is because I get to spend time with my dad. My dad works at a fire house 24 hours a day. But every once and a while my dad will take off work and I will leave my moms to go racing. We will stay in our camper which is a enclosed trailer and We’ll watch the races. My dad when he was younger used to work on the Rice Brothers pit crew. He grew up with them and then decided to help him out on his pit crew. Since my dad  did that he now knows a lot about about late model racing. I plan to be a driver in the future so I can get a piece of the action in person.


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