Earl Baltes

Earl Baltes passed away March 23, 2015. He was born on April 27, 1921 in Ohio. He was proceed to death by his bothers and sisters along with his brother in law. Earl was a well race promoter known for starting the wold famous Eldora Speedway. He also promoted New Bremen Speedway, Limaland Speedway, Millstream Speedway at Findlay, Mansfield Speedway in Mansfield, Dayton Speedway all in Ohio, Pleasant Hill Speedway and Salem Speedway both in Indiana.


Earl Baltes Photo By Ted Van PeltCreative Commons License Ted Van Pelt via Compfight

Earl started some of the highest paying short track races which is The World 100, The Kings Royal, The Dirt Late Model Dream and The Four Crown Nationals. Earl was inducted into many hall of fames including National Sprint Car, National Dirt Late Model, USAC, Dayton Auto Racing Fans, Hoosier Auto Racing Fans and was named USAC Race Organizer of the Year in 1984 and 1997.

In memory of Earl they made  Route 118 “Earl Baltes Highway” from Ansonia to the South and St. Henry to the North. One of his favorite passions was music he had his own orchestra called, The Earl Baltes Orchestra. Earl was a veteran of the US Army having served in the 21st ORD MM CO during WWIl.Earl  survived by the love of his life his wife Berneice Moeller who he married in April 26, 1947.

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