About Me

My name is Joshua Ratliff but my nickname is JD. I’m An 11 year old boy who love’s being outdoors either hunting, fishing, and working on machinery. Most of my time is mostly spent on playing video games such as Dying Light, Destiny, Grand theft auto 5, Infamous son, fallout series, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon the Wild lands. I enjoy watching   dirt track racing at Eldora speedway and Florence speedway. My two favorite racers are Scott Blumequist and the Rice Brothers my dad used to work on the Rice Brothers pit crew and he grew up with them. When I get older I want to go and start racing and become a veterinarian. When and if I become a racer I want to do it for the thrill of who is gonna win the race or the World 100.

Another thing that I love doing is running. I’ve been running for almost all of my life and I’m almost faster than my dog who is part Anatolian Shepherd, Labrador, and golden retriever. I want to track and cross country but I always miss the sign ups. Normally I run up a quarter of a mile long driveway every day after school with a trumpet and all of books. When I’m not running I’m playing my trumpet and learning songs and getting prepared for my concerts or lessons. Also I’m the only person on my moms side of the family to play in band. Lastly I love reading because the books always have a stories of their own based on their covers.  My favorite books series is Warriors, Eragon, and Harry Potter.

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