Dirtrax Dominator

Have you ever heard of the Dirtrax Dominator if not then look up Scott Blumequist a world famous dirt track racer. Blumequist started racing in 1980 and he still is racing today. Scott has won many races over his career he has over 550 late model racing wins including The 2014 Eldora World 100, The Eldora Dream, and Dirt Track World Championship. To learn more about him go here.

Scott Blumequist has his own chassis and builds late models. Scott races for Lucas Oil and is an American Late model driver. Scott has change his racing number 2 times from 18 to 0 and just goes back and forth with his number. Blumequist is a great racer and has went from being the last car to being the first in the 2014 World 100. He is a very talented driver and I hope he wins the 2018 World 100.

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Scott Blumequist hometown is Mooresburg,TN and he was born on November 14, 1963. Blumequist has a a famous quotes which is on all of his mecherndise which is No Weak Links. One of Blumequist sponsors is Hoosier Tires, and Sunoco gas. He got a new blacked out trailer for his late model. That’s all for now just remember No Weak Links.

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